Imagination and the Land: Arts, Crafts, and Folkways

Music and Literature

The essence of the Black Belt lies not just in its natural area and historic and cultural sites, but in its arts- its rich stories; its many musical genres which relect the various interests of the region's residents; its artwork and photography.

Craft Goods and Traditions

The story of the Wilcox County's Gees Bend quilters has circled the globe and come home again to the Black Belt. Some of these renowned quilts now hang in the Smithsonian Museum and are recognized as unique expressions of the artistic talent of each of its creators. However, these quilts and the women who make them are but one of the stories of art and artists in the Black Belt.


In the preparation and sharing of food in Alabama's Black Belt, cultures intermingle. Foodway traditions are part of family memory, community memory and ultimately, a collective memory that is part of the region's Southern identity. Few occasions arise in which the subject of food and the rituals associated with the food does not come up.

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